Putting Green

We are excited to invite you to practice your skills with family and friends for a game of golf. The new Putting Green contains 6 holes. You can bring your own clubs and balls and enjoy the gamethe pitch located right across from The Club Hub behind Seamark building. History Golf has a long and rich history. The game may have its roots as far back as ancient Rome and China.

The game of golf traces its roots as far back as 100 BCE in Rome. The earliest form of golf can be traced to ancient Rome, where people played a paganica game around 100 BCE. Players hit a stuffed leather ball with a bent stick. During the Song Dynasty (960 CE to 1279 CE) in China, participants played chuiw and played with several clubs and a ball.

However, the modern game of golf can trace its roots to Scotland. In a 1457 Act of the Scottish Parliament, the game of gowf (golf) received its first mention.

The first British Open Championship was played at Prestwick in 1860. The Royal Liverpool Golf Club established the British Amateur Championship in 1885Hoylake hosted the first tournament.

Montreal established the first permanent golf club in North America in 1873, Canadas Royal Montreal Club. In 1894, the United States Golf Association (USGA) was formed in New York with five charter members. Andrews Golf Club of Yonkers, New York;

In 1916, the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) was formed, and the first PGA Championship took place at Siwanoy Country Club in New York. Five years later, the British team won the first Ryder Cup at Gleneagles in Scotland. However, the United States team won the first Walker Cup in 1922 at Golf Links of America in Southampton, New York.

Since 1952 the R&A and the USGA have worked together to produce a common set of rules for golfers worldwide called the Rules of Golf. The rules are revised every four years. More equipment changes followed World War II. Influenced by research in synthetic and composite materials, golf club manufacturing changed. In 1963, the casting method for manufacturing club heads was introduced. This new technology lowered the costs of golf clubs, which led to increased participation in the sport. Graphite shafts hit the market in 1973, which were lighter and stronger than steel shafts. TaylorMade introduced the first metal woods in 1979. Callaway owns the honour of the best-selling golf club in history, the Big Bertha, which hit the market for the first time in 1991.

How to Play Watch the Video on Golf basics.